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More profit,
less waste.

We help busy merchandising teams make data-driven pricing and inventory decisions.

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Sparkbox improves profitability and sell-through for leading retailers, including:


We've been recognised by:

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Sparkbox is a retail planning and optimisation platform, powered by machine learning.

With Sparkbox, merchandisers are empowered to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently.

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Price optimisation

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Demand forecasting

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Inventory planning

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Marketplace optimisation

Improve margin and sell-through by optimising markdowns, promotions, and regular prices

Predict demand at the product level for advanced visibility to sales, inventory, and cash flow

Proactively identify and action rebuy opportunities early in season

Optimise inventory availability in wholesale and 3rd party channels

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& easy
to deploy

We make AI
accessible for fashion & seasonal businesses.

Sparkbox optimises pricing and inventory decisions to meet your business goals.

  • considers internal and external data

  • powered by proven machine learning models

  • works for seasonal products and continuity

  • responds quickly to trends in trade and the market

  • setup and trial in just a few weeks


The secret to increasing profit

margins is to harness big data to find the best price... but it's too expensive and time consuming to analyse thousands of products manually.

Actionable insights, suited for your merchandising processes.

Sparkbox was designed by merchandisers to deliver leading data science in a practical way.

  • plan and compare multiple scenarios

  • incorporate business rules and constraints

  • plan in multiple channels: stores, web, marketplaces

  • automatically roll up decisions made across the team

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volume improvement


cash margin improvement

Measure the impact of your pricing & merchandising decisions.

We start with a simple trial that can prove our concept in just a few weeks.

Our clients typically see benefits that include:

  • cash margin +20%

  • volume sales +40% 

  • time savings for team: up to 8 hours per user per week

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Omnichannel price optimisation for a leading high street fashion retailer.

Case Study
Why Sparkbox?

We're a team of former retailers with experience in merchandising, data analytics, forecasting, optimisation.

We'll work as an extension of your team to set up Sparkbox, upskill your team, and maximise the impact of our technology.

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We're hiring!
Join us

We've previously worked with top retailers globally, including:

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